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Our Work

Our platform is a place where advisors can find the knowledge, ideas and community to support their passion for growth, service and philanthropic outcomes. 

We know the special challenges and potential of advisors, whose success hinges not just on philanthropic knowledge, but also strategy, dynamic relationship building, wealth management considerations, and more.

Daylight’s 5 areas of work help advisors develop their craft, careers and the field.
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Research and case studies, including our kickoff study Philanthropy Advisors in the US: Understanding Education, Experiences and Gaps to Achieve Greater Impact. This research will provide actionable insights for advisors, enterprises and nonprofits, as well as inform our curricula.

Learn more about the survey, and subscribe to see the results in
early 2024.
Education and entrepreneurship, starting with the launch of the Prismatic Accelerator, the first effort dedicated to increasing BIPOC ownership, influence and impact in the philanthropic advisor sector.  Tailored to the challenges of growing an advisory practice, cohorts of Prismatic advisor-entrepreneurs will help meet demand for diverse advisors and expand who gives, how, and to what communities.
Impact and services, which includes an effort to understand and support unmet potential for legacy giving and growth with HBCUs and social justice organizations. We are also working with our first enterprise client to support their regional strategy, and will offer fiscal sponsorship via our affiliated nonprofit.
Our Advisor Hub, which will grow as our programs take off and we expand the Advisors of Color network.  For now, follow our LinkedIn page for the latest news, and the conferences where you can find Dien and the team. 
Purpose x Social Impact, going beyond technical philanthropy to support advisors with elements of vocation, growth and transitions, social capital, and meaning-making, to further align well-being with community and impact.  Look forward to workshops and tools for advisors, as well as options for partnering to support clients.
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