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Reflections on My Career Journey…So Far, So Good

It’s been three months since I left a 30+ year career in corporate America to start my own gift planning consulting practice and join the Daylight Advisors team.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I still have occasional moments of “What have I done?!?”. I can also 100% confirm that imposter syndrome is REAL. But those moments of doubt are few and far between and are far outweighed by the satisfaction of doing what I love most - connecting and collaborating with people who share the same passion for community building, equity, and racial and social justice. 

In making this change, I have a more profound sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing ideas come to life, ideas that genuinely meet a definition of success shared by those who contributed to and are impacted by the results. 

I now fully embrace the support of my support system and ask for help when needed. (Pro tip: a support system is a network, but a network isn’t necessarily a support system.) I believe they’re not just paying me lip service when they say let me know if you need anything. As many Black women will tell you, and as studies have shown, that’s a gift when so often needing help, let alone asking for it, casts doubt on our expertise and ability.

I’ve also unlocked the key to work/life balance: it’s a false dichotomy. It’s not a zero/sum or percentages game. I now wholeheartedly reject that framing while understanding the privilege that I have to do so. There’s only life. We should determine how we integrate and define work’s purpose and priority in our lives without being made to feel like there are only two choices and that one has to be short-changed in service to the other. And those of us who have that privilege should be committed to ensuring that self-determination for everyone.

This year has been quite the rollercoaster in so many ways. And I am terrified of rollercoasters! But reflecting on this year, I’m glad I let go, threw my hands in the air, and screamed through all the twists and turns.

To all my sisters already on or considering this journey - if you need a ride buddy to hold hands and scream with in 2024, just let me know.


Bao-Tram Do
Bao-Tram Do
Feb 04

I loved reading about your journey, Crystal. My favorite line is "profound sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing ideas come to life!" Thank you for sharing your insights!


Jim Normandin
Jim Normandin
Jan 30

Crystal, no risk no reward. You’re on a good path with the right attitude! Congratulations!


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