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Prismatic Accelerator

Philanthropy Advisors and Entrepreneurs of Color
Transforming Lives and Communities

Daylight Advisors is excited to announce six philanthropy advisor-entrepreneurs joining our pilot cohort.

Crystal Thompkins Philanthropic Advisor

Led by Crystal Thompkins, Director of Strategic Impact

The Prismatic Accelerator helps philanthropy realize its full potential by expanding and diversifying the pool of advisors available to meet client demand and speeding growth in multicultural entrepreneur ownership and thought leadership. It is the first accelerator dedicated to increasing multicultural ownership and impact in the philanthropic advisor sector with a focus on business growth. Created by Daylight Advisors, the program is designed to boost business, technical and leadership acumen and create a welcoming, inspiring, and supportive community for multicultural advisor-entrepreneurs.

Prismatic Accelerator Philanthropy Advisors

"I work to radically reimagine philanthropy and help implement the changes necessary to bring forth a new way of resourcing social change: essentially to help philanthropists do good, better.”


Jilla Tombar, Vortex Philanthropy Advisors
Prismatic Fellow 2024

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