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    In Action In Practice Bringing ideas and resources to light. Webinar: Adapting to 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising Webinar: Adapting to 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising Changemakers in Asia: An Advisor's Perspective, Dien Yuen Changemakers in Asia: An Advisor's Perspective, Dien Yuen Impact Philanthropy Advisor Info Session Video Impact Philanthropy Advisor Info Session Video U.S. Philanthropic Advisors 2024 U.S. Philanthropic Advisors 2024 Introducing the next Prismatic cohort! Introducing the next Prismatic cohort! Where Do Philanthropy Advisors Come From? Where Do Philanthropy Advisors Come From? SEE MORE In the Field P150 Member Gathering in San Francisco (June 11 - 12) Women of Color in Fundraising & Philanthropy 2024 Awards in NYC (June 26) Wealth for Goods Awards in London (June 27) HBCU Philanthropy Symposium in Washington D.C. (June 30-July 4) Purposeful Planning Institute Rendezvous in West Minister (July 29-Aug 2) Daylight Insights Tour: 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising in Aspen (Aug 2) Daylight Insights Tour: 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising in Washington DC (Aug 6) Arabella Advisor: Philanthropic Policy Leaders' Learning Community in Washington DC (Aug 6-7) Daylight Insights Tour: 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising Virtual (Aug 20)​ South Sound Planned Giving Council Virtual (Aug 21) Daylight Insights Tour: 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising in Virtual(Aug 28) Wealthies Award in NYC (Sept 5) Daylight Insights Tour: 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising in NYC (Sept 5)

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    Edit About Chat Experience User Faculty Camera Fees Mail Register THE IMPACT PHILANTHROPY ADVISOR CERTIFICATE Daylight’s learning platform and network are designed exclusively for wealth and philanthropic advisors, to help you meet this extraordinary opportunity to grow your business, client relationships and impact. ​ Your home for lifelong learning, Daylight has something for all advisor skill levels and roles – and the Impact Philanthropy Advisor certificate is where you start . ​ With a mix of expert facilitation and on-demand instruction available online over 20 weeks, the Impact Philanthropy Advisor certificate (IPA) offers the skills and connections to confidently support the needs and expectations of families, organizations and communities today. ​ IPA will help you: Deepen client relationships Seize growth opportunities Accelerate and share your skills Spark social impact and family legacies It’s a transformative era for wealth and philanthropy, requiring new competencies and cultural dexterity to thrive. Amidst a historic $85 trillion intergenerational transfer of wealth, clients are turning to advisors for more than investments and tax planning, and philanthropy’s tools, considerations and goals have become more complex. It’s the perfect time to skill up with IPA. THE IPA EXPERIENCE The Impact Philanthropy Advisor certificate is a state-of-the-art learning program crafted with decades of experience in philanthropic advising, wealth management and philanthropic education. IPA is the flagship course created by Daylight, founded by advisors and educators, Dien Yuen and Tony Macklin, to meet the demand for contemporary and robust learning solutions. The Advisory Board and faculty, representing the sector’s diversity and breadth, ensure IPA is accessible, relevant and valuable. IPA participants will receive • 20 weeks of learning designed by expert advisors • On-demand content and case studies • Live group discussions facilitated by industry practitioners • New peer connections within your cohort • Continuing education credits • Complimentary content just for IPAs • First access to the Advisor Hub and Learning Labs • Celebrations and graduation invitations IPA WILL ADVANCE YOUR PRACTICE IN 3 AREAS TECHNICAL Align client values and priorities to achieve philanthropic objectives Assess features and benefits of charitable and non-charitable giving tools Integrate giving strategies within wealth, estate, tax, and philanthropic planning opportunities RELATIONAL Apply a cultural dexterity framework to support a range of client generations and backgrounds Identify the phases of the client impact journey and motivations Develop your skills and personal style to deepen philanthropic conversations PRACTICAL Examine the current philanthropic landscape, trends and debates Develop a sustainable philanthropic strategy and expand client relationships Assess the ethical obligations of a philanthropy advisor IPA MODULES Fundamentals Evolving demands for social impact services from different client segments; the new map of social impact advising services and competencies Social Impact Landscape Trends in uses of resources across multiple sectors; networks and associations in philanthropy; current policy and practice debates Art of Philanthropic Advising Modalities of advising; challenging assumptions of our roles; client philanthropic journeys; techniques to support progress Purpose and Strategy Developing client values, desired impact, understanding of the ecosystem, strategy statement; addressing inequities Charitable Tax Planning Substantiation; types of assets to give and identifying opportunities to use those assets; gift acceptance policies and donor due diligence Charitable Giving Strategies Application of tools such as bequests, life estates, retirement assets, life insurance, charitable trusts, and charitable gift annuities Foundations and Donor Advised Funds Advantages, disadvantages, critiques, applicability of charitable vehicles for grantmaking and operating programs For-Profit Vehicles Advantages, disadvantages, critiques, applicability of forms of impact investing and types of purpose-led businesses Influence, Leverage, & Civic Action Use of advocacy, lobbying, crowdfunding, movement building, and similar tools and strategies Planning for the Future Anticipating clients’ future needs; clarifying value propositions and advisor collaborations; personal development agendas Ethics in Philanthropic Advising Defining responsibilities to self, client, community, and the profession Cultural Dexterity Understanding how our social identities, family traditions, and cultural backgrounds influence wealth, estate, and philanthropic planning WHO NEEDS TO BE AN IPA? Social impact is not just for specialists. Whether in a wealth management firm, DAF sponsor or community foundation, family office, grantmaker or nonprofit, many roles benefit from fluency in philanthropy. IPA is for: Client-facing advisors and team members, to better understand your clients and their families, the options available to them, and to collaborate with fellow advisors. Business development roles, to be nimble and opportunistic with the demands of U/HNW families today. Planning and philanthropic specialists, to support junior team members, and for advanced leaders to update their knowledge and be first to access new courses. Associates interested in social change, to further their career development and boost corporate loyalty and retention. ADVISOR LEARNING JOURNEY ADVISORY BOARD Dianne Chipps Bailey, JD, CAP® MD, National Philanthropic Strategy Executive Bank of America Nina L. Cohen, JD, CAP® MD, Chief DEI Officer Strategic Advisor, Center for Family Philanthropy & Wealth Education, Glenmede Avery T. Fontaine, CAP® SVP, Head of Philanthropy & Impact PNC Private Bank Hawthorn Alisia Robin, CAP® Sr Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Nonprofit Outreach Schwab Charitable Padric H.B. Scott, MSFP®, CFP®, AEP®, CAP®, CLU®, WMCP® President & CEO Crossroad Capital Partners Edward Wang, 21/64 Certified Advisor VP, Family Office of Philanthropy Marin Community Foundation FACULTY Tony Macklin, CAP® Daylight Aquanetta Betts JD, AEP®, CAP®, CFRE George Mason University Mark Greer, MBA, CAP® Phila Engaged Giving Seth Klukoff Eoan Strategies, LLC Rebecca Rothey CFRE, CAP®, AEP® Rothey Planned Giving Services Dien Yuen JD/LLM, CAP®, AEP® Daylight Beth Harper Briglia CPA, CAP® Philanthropic Advisor Steve Grourke CAP®, CFRE National Park Foundation Cris Lutz, CAP®, CSPG The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens Dorothy Stuehmke, MPA Philanthropic Advisor Crystal Thompkins CAP®, CSPGCM Daylight Ginni Galicinao, ACFBA, ACFWA, CAP®, CPCC, ORSC Dynamics of Family Wealth Andrew Ho, MBA, CAP® National Academy of Sciences Rob A. MacPherson The Indianapolis Foundation Nishita Bakshi MBA, MSAE Philanthropy Advisor Kristin Giant, JD Hyper Local Impact, LLC Randi N. Hogan, CAP® Hogan Philanthropy Consulting Rick Peck CAP®, CFP®, CFC® Rick C. Peck Consulting, LLC FEES You have the chance to participate in the most ambitious, modern philanthropic learning opportunity available, and benefit from Daylight’s national network and years of instructional and practitioner expertise. IPAs can immediately leverage new skills, connections and visibility with clients and teams, and in the marketplace. Special partnership opportunities are available for organizations interested in maximizing IPA’s national kickoff. About 30 hours, start-to-finish 12-15 advisors per cohort 12 self-paced modules 5 case studies 10 live virtual cohort conversation IPA Workbook HOW IT WORKS For Profit: $2,850 ​ Nonprofit: $2,500 ​ First 250 registrants will receive a $250 discount. FEES Cohorts starting in October 2024 and January 2025. Still have questions? See our FAQs . Watch our info session video. Download IPA program description. REGISTER First name Last name Email Code Phone City Region/State/Province Country Company Position/Role How did you hear about our training? I agree to abide by Daylight's Guiding Principles. I acknowledge that I have read IPA's program accessibility. I understand that once registered, I will not be granted a refund. We will consider any extenuating circumstances and may allow your fee to be applied to future cohorts within 12 months. If you have questions about whether IPA is right for you, please contact us at before enrolling. Select registration option: For Profit Professional: $2,850 with $250 discount - $2600 Nonprofit & Independent Practitioner: $2,500 with $250 discount - $2250 (First 250 registrants receive a $250 discount.) Select cohort: October 2024 January 2025 April 2025 Checkout Thank you for registering! We will be in touch. IPA About Experience Faculty Fees Register IPA: A New Standard for Impact Quick Links About Experience Who Advisory Board Faculty Fees Register

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    In Practice Bringing ideas and resources to light. Dien Yuen Inducted into CGP Hall of Fame View More "Leveraging Diaspora Communities for Philanthropic Support" View More Webinar: Adapting to 8 Trends in Philanthropic Advising View More PPI- Idea Lab: The Future of Philanthropic Advising View More "What Philanthropy is poised to look like in 2024" ft. Tony Macklin View More Where Do Philanthropy Advisors Come From? View More Increasing Planned Gifts in Diverse Communities View More Introducing the next Prismatic cohort! View More Gift Planning Landscape: An Overview View More Advisors as Influencers Featuring Dien Yuen View More U.S. Philanthropic Advisors 2024 View More Impact Philanthropy Advisor Info Session Video View More "A Holistic Look at Giving" By: Lisa Amor Featuring Dien Yuen View More Dien Yuen featured in CGP's Newsletter View More Changemakers in Asia: An Advisor's Perspective, Dien Yuen View More

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    Daylight Revealing greater impact. Register now to be one of the first IPAs! Daylight is a global home for learning, practice, and research. Amidst an historic intergenerational transfer of wealth, rising needs, and interest in philanthropy, now is the time to reinvigorate and elevate the practice of impact advising. We do that by helping advisors build their competence, confidence, and cultural dexterity. Em power practitioners with contemporary, accessible learning opportunities, and launch the first accelerator for BIPOC philanthropic advisor-entrepreneurs. Conn ect advisors, and organize and elevate this segment of the profession. Understand the sector better with new research on philanthropic influe nce. Boost the capacity of social justice organizations, as well as advisors, with specialized expertise and services. Advisors help activate the social impact of families and institutions – and there’s so much more we can do. Advisors bring the ideas and goals of families and institutions to life. Whether a specialist, wealth manager, accountant, attorney, gift planner, or life coach, advisors are essential for enabling many types of social impact and maximizing its value. Yet amidst the opportunity of today, and imperatives such as systemic racism and climate change, three shortages hold the sector back: we don’t have enough advisors fluent in philanthropy, they are not diverse enough, and we need modern, scalable knowledge and skills to drive sustainable, equitable change. The Impact Philanthropy Advisor certificate is designed exclusively for wealth and philanthropic advisors, to help you meet this extraordinary opportunity to grow your business, client relationships and impact. Register Now TEAM The Daylight team A hub for learning, sharing, and connection, Daylight is led by Dien Yuen, a global leader in philanthropy services, education, and wealth management. The team includes experts in social entrepreneurship, research, gift planning, purpose, impact investing, and more. Learn more. Help us build a more visible, trusted, and inclusive field. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on our research, professional development programs, community networks, and other resources specifically for advisors and those they serve. Questions? Interested in becoming involved? Email us! Subscribe Why Daylight? We believe in open design and spaces and in illuminating blind spots. Of surfacing obscured resources and just finding inspiration with good company outside. What might Daylight be to you?

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    Our Work Daylight is a platform where advisors can find the knowledge, ideas, and community to support their passion for growth, service, and philanthropic outcomes. We know the special challenges and potential of advisors, whose success hinges not just on philanthropic knowledge but also on strategy, dynamic relationship building, wealth management considerations, and more. Our three areas of work help advisors develop their craft, careers, and the field. Education Education and entrepreneurship , starting with the launch of the Prismatic Accelerator , is the first effort dedicated to increasing multicultural ownership, influence, and impact in the philanthropic advisor sector. Our flagship program, the Impact Philanthropy Advisor Certificate , is designed exclusively for wealth and philanthropic advisors to advance your practice, client relationships, and impact. Research New, empirical research on advisors and the developing field, such as our latest report, U.S. Philanthropic Advisors 2024: Professional Development, Practice, and Knowledge Gaps. This research is the first of several initiatives to better understand the experiences and needs of philanthropy advisors as crucial yet understudied agents of social change. Services Impact and services , which includes an effort to understand and support unmet potential for legacy giving and growth with HBCUs and social justice organizations. We are also working with our first enterprise client to support their regional strategy, and will offer fiscal sponsorship via our affiliated nonprofit. Advisor Hub Our Advisor Hub connects a community of industry practitioners to refine and perfect their craft so they may better serve clients and donors. For now, follow our LinkedIn page for the latest news and the conferences where you can find Dien and the team. Purpose Purpose x Social Impact , going beyond technical philanthropy to support advisors with elements of vocation, growth and transitions, social capital, and meaning-making, to further align well-being with community and impact. Look forward to workshops and tools for advisors, as well as options for partnering to support clients.

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    THE IMPACT PHILANTHROPY ADVISOR CERTIFICATE Daylight’s learning platform and network are designed exclusively for wealth and philanthropic advisors to help you meet this extraordinary opportunity to grow your business, client relationships, and impact. ​ Your home for lifelong learning, Daylight has something for all advisor skill levels and roles – and the Impact Philanthropy Advisor certificate is where you start . ​ Learn more about the structure and content of IPA with the video below.​ Register for IPA Megan Bell (her/she) Director, Engagement Schedule a meeting Questions? Contact: Download IPA Brochure

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  • Lydia Oh | Daylight Advisors

    Lydia Oh (She/Her) Manager, Programs & Marketing m Lydia’s contributions to Daylight’s program and marketing efforts stem from a deep commitment to community and care that is only growing, demonstrated at work and at home. Her leadership in philanthropy is no surprise, having most recently worked with Dien at the Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact at the American College of Financial Services, where she supported the Center in programming, research and publications, and marketing and social media. Lydia welcomed the chance to join the Center, and now Daylight, to further extend her work with donors that started out at Missio Seminary and then The UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Throughout all of these roles she’s come to appreciate, and draw out, the essence of giving: that it’s about so much more than the ask; it’s about connection with people; hearing their stories and supporting new ones; activating what matters to them and the change they seek. Lydia personally practices many different ways of giving and creating connection, which was one of the things she studied upon recently completing the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® certification (CAP®), as a member of the latest Advisors of Color cohort. She is very active in both the Korean-American community and her church, where she helped lead the women’s group, and developed efforts around well being and mental health during and after the pandemic. Similarly, Lydia is a committed friend and advocate to the families and mothers in her extended community, and she lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband and two young children.

  • Tony Macklin | Daylight Advisors

    Tony Macklin (He/Him) Director, Advisor Practice m A Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, Tony helps donors, families, grantmakers, and their advisors and associations answer questions about shared purpose, use of resources for social impact, governance, strategy, and assessment. He is a frequent speaker, trainer, and author for the same audiences. ​ He served four years as executive director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation, a multi-generational family foundation. While there, he facilitated a visioning process and changes in investment management, impact investing, grantmaking, trustee education, and back-office management. In twelve years at the Central Indiana Community Foundation, he led grantmaking and community change initiatives, advised generous entrepreneurs and families, attracted $39 million in assets and co-investments, and co-founded a social enterprise. Before that he managed technical assistance and financing programs for the State of Indiana’s Community Development Division. ​ Tony was raised in Indiana and now lives in Pittsburgh. He is a member of the National Network for Consultants to Grantmakers and Purposeful Planning Institute. He also serves as a senior consultant for the National Center for Family Philanthropy, senior consultant with Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates, and senior advisor to the Impact Finance Center. He’s reviewed proposals for a wide variety of funders and purposes, co-founded a giving circle, and served on more task forces and committees than he can remember.

  • Crystal Thompkins | Daylight Advisors

    Crystal Thompkins (She/Her) Director, Strategic Impact m A Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy ® and Certified Specialist in Planned Giving with over 20 years of experience in planned giving program management, Crystal brings a depth of expertise in nonprofit and family legacy planning. Crystal most recently served as Head of Philanthropic Solutions for BNY Mellon Wealth Management leading the national strategy and thought leadership for the firm’s philanthropic businesses. Crystal was the direct manager of the planned giving business responsible for the administration and organizational support of over 100 national nonprofit planned giving programs, leveraging her extensive experience in charitable tax preparation, operations, and fiduciary services. Crystal’s focus on prioritizing research to help nonprofits, funders, and advisors better understand the giving landscape led to the publication of one of the few studies of the charitable giving behavior of high- and ultra-high-net wealth investors and another study specifically on planned giving activity and trends. Crystal is also the Principal and Founder of TrueCrystal Consulting, a philanthropic consulting firm committed to helping Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) -led, BIPOC-serving organizations and allied funders create a legacy through endowment building utilizing gift planning, equity-focused governance practices, and inclusive succession planning. Crystal is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences across nonprofit sectors and affiliated professional organizations and also facilitates nonprofit and private foundation board meetings guiding DEI and impact-focused, trust-based governance and giving. She has published articles in several publications including Worth Magazine , ThinkAdvisor , and Planned Giving Today . She also serves on the advisory council of Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WŌC); the editorial board of Planned Giving Today ; and the board of the Winston-Salem State University Foundation, her alma mater. Crystal and her husband, David, are permanent, life-long residents of North Carolina and are proud rescue fur baby parents and servants to DJ (dog) and Sinclair (cat).

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    Cindy Yang (She/Her) Consultant, Programs m Cindy joins Daylight with over 20 years of experience supporting C-Suite executives in the legal, health, and nonprofit sector. Cindy’s dedication, capacity to juggle a diverse and dynamic set of responsibilities and ability to collaborate across geographies will be a great addition to Daylight as they continue to grow. ​ Prior to joining Daylight, Cindy worked as an Executive Administrator for a non-profit health care organization in Milwaukee, WI. In her role there, she managed the day-to-day operations for the corporate office, and supported the CEO and executive staff, as well as served closely as a liaison to the board of directors. ​ Cindy received her bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a master’s degree in management from Cardinal Stritch University. ​ Cindy was raised in Wisconsin and now lives in South Carolina. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, as well as volunteering and building relationships in the Hmong communities throughout the Carolinas.

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