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Revealing greater impact.

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Amidst an historic intergenerational transfer of wealth, rising needs, and interest in philanthropy, now is the time to reinvigorate and elevate the practice of impact advising. We do that by helping advisors build their competence, confidence, and cultural dexterity.

Advisors help activate the social impact of families and institutions – and there’s so much more we can do.

Advisors bring the ideas and goals of families and institutions to life.  Whether a specialist, wealth manager, accountant, attorney, gift planner, or life coach, advisors are essential for enabling many types of social impact and maximizing its value.  Yet amidst the opportunity of today, and imperatives such as systemic racism and climate change, three shortages hold the sector back: we don’t have enough advisors fluent in philanthropy, they are not diverse enough, and we need modern, scalable knowledge and skills to drive sustainable, equitable change.

Impact Philanthropy Advisor
The Impact Philanthropy Advisor certificate is designed exclusively for wealth and philanthropic advisors, to help you meet this extraordinary opportunity to grow your business, client relationships and impact.
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Help us build a more visible, trusted, and inclusive field.

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